According to Neil Fleming’s VARK model, there are four different types of learning styles (or learners as we shall call them). That means that each individual prefers (and therefore thrives) learning through one certain way(s) versus others. Have you ever met someone who loves to draw mindmaps when they study? Perhaps they are a visual-oriented learner. This post will explore the four different types of learners and hopefully allow you to identify which styles you prefer; and in doing so, allow you to develop more control over the most effective study habits and techniques you utilise in your life.

The four key types of learning include:

  • V for Visual
  • A for Auditory
  • R for  Reading/Writing
  • K for Kinesthetic

Once you figure out which learning styles suit you from the image below (it might be a mix of one or more) then start to implement more tactics aligned with those specific styles. You’ll be surprised at how effective the subtle change in tactics for you will result in more effective study sessions and overall learning habits you develop.


We love hearing from the community, please let us know how you have gone with your learning styles and improving your study habits.

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