When I was a kid, I already settled with my two choice of dreams. It’s either a job who can put me in a suit (I’ve always imagined myself in an office holding a briefcase and telling my secretary to make me coffee) or a volunteering job that can make a difference to the world.

Years ago, I met a friend who’s been working for tech startups online. Trust me, it wasn’t appealing at all. Never did I think of doing a computer-related job as I’m really just into going out and clothes-hoarding (using my parents money HAHA). I went home, googled “Tech startups” and voila! I got hooked.

I just finished my Diploma in Digital Marketing and starting my Diploma in Financial Trading (Certified now) when I started working for a company that specializes in tracking system. I was their email responder and handled client complaint emails. You bet it , the harshest department you can ever be in. Basically, I was doing online university from Monday to Friday, do the Diplomas on the weekends and work in between. Love life? Glad you asked. I was in a serious relationship whilst doing all these things.


Young but dedicated, I started working in the tech industry (Trust me, it felt cool). At a young age, earning money on your own’s really motivating. Being independent and able to stand on my own two feet was something that drove me. It was my first job that didn’t require me to fly and be in an office for 8 hours….and it sounded really amazing. I didn’t tell my parents that I was earning (because that’s all young teenagers do HAHA) until I realized I have to explain all the clothes I buy when my favourite clothing shop releases a new line. You’re right. I was earning money but I was too naïve not to invest it to something that can grow in the future.

Starting to be passionate, I went to different tech startup events as well as attended web summits in Asia. In Hong Kong, tech startups are like a massive lagoon. It was big and still is now. It opened my eyes to a different world I was not cultured in. It was great, It was amazing.  And that moment, I just felt THIS. IS. MY. JAM.


I get to work anytime and anywhere and I get to do things without a presence of a physical boss. However, what I really thought about was:

“Do I have an original purpose in this world aside from earning money?”

I’m really not sure when but I just thought of quitting the job most people are coveted to have. I always believe in my guts and feelings. This is not the kind of company I want to work in for the rest of my life. I’m stuck earning money but with no purpose at all.

I laid on my bed and thought of an original dream; to join a mission and make a difference! After quitting my job, I researched companies that were interesting to me and Zookal popped up. I reached out to one of the co-founders and the rest is history.

Zookal made both of my childhood dreams come true.



Zookal made me realize that money is not just the only motivation but also the thing that you can give back to people. You see people think that tech startups are a bunch of people who just get tons of money doing nothing. But the truth is, tech startup people are INNOVATORS WHOSE GOALS ARE TO MAKE AN INNOVATIVE CONTRIBUTION FOR THE BETTER GOOD.

It may seem fancy to you but the real thing happens beyond prints and digitals magazines, it’s really about the hardworking people who are passionate to make this world a better place. People that are motivated to give the best thing….TO BE CONTINUED.

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