Here is the first 20 tips collected from top students, oblation scholars and more. To be continued..

  1. Begin your preparation a few months before the actual exam. The early bird gets the worm.
  2. When answering a sample exam, time yourself in order to simulate the exam procedure, so when you face time pressures in the exam it will not be a new experience for you.
  3. Get into the habit of reading in order to widen your vocabulary, daily.
  4. Find a study buddy who will track your progress through the review months and weeks.
  5. Push each other and keep yourselves accountable.
  6. Create a study schedule and a workspace where you can study and keep review materials.
  7. Go to bed early before the exam day so you are as well rested as you can be.
  8. Don’t neglect “old topics” studied long ago in class. Keep your notes neat and tidy as you create them.
  9. Ask for advice from successful seniors and people who have done your tests before.
  10. Be resourceful regarding review materials. You’d be surpised at the great resources out there.
  11. Think positive. Positive vibes only! This test does not define you.
  12. Visualize yourself acing that exam and you’ll be motivated to review more.
  13. Know the composition of the tests – the marking schedule and the structure of the test.
  14. Take a practice “diagnostic” test if you can!
  15. Familiarize yourself with the question types, so when you face them in the test you will be as used to them as possible.
  16. Know how to get to your testing room and get a feel for the campus prior to the exam to avoid stress on the day.
  17. Reward yourself for each study session you do. Maybe allow yourself to watch an episode on Netflix for each hour of study you do.
  18. Fix your sleeping schedule so your body will be adjusted to the exam time e.g. so you are not sleepy!
  19. Make memory aids and flash cards. Get your siblings to test you on topics.
  20. Draw up flashcards, write down notes, create and memory palace. Whatever tools work for you! Find them and utilise them.

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