1. Take it easy. Fatigue adds up and could adversely affect you on the big day.
  2. Do any and all rituals that you may believe in.
  3. Prepare all your materials as you go so there is no last minute stress.
  4. Set your alarm on your phone. And on your clock.
  5. Write the information needed on your test permit.
  6. Check if part of the dry seal on your test permit is stamped on your photo—because it should be.
  7. Bring good quality pencils – not too light but not too dark. Be as prepared as you can be.
  8. Do not forget to submit documents required of you.
  9. On the exam day, tell yourself that all you are doing is transferring information from your brain to the paper test. The hard work has all been done already.
  10. Bring your own snacks – the exams are long and there may not be food or drink required.
  11. Bring plenty of sharp pencils and erasers.
  12. Shade the answer in properly. This will help put your best foot forward in the test.
  13. Take note of the scoring scheme e.g. UP may deduct for wrong answers.
  14. Save time for essays.
  15. ACET is time-pressured, so if you do not know answer skip and come back.
  16. One student booked a hotel nearby so they could avoid traffic jams and stress on the day.
  17. Wear comfortable clothes on the day of the test.
  18. Carry a light bag with you to the exam.
  19. Carefully weigh your guesses.
  20. Try stomach breathing stress reduction techniques before and during the exam.

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