Students always get confused of the difference between studying smart and studying hard. It may seem to think that studying smart is studying long hours at 24 hour coffee shops or spending longer times at the library. Although an impressive dedication, it doesn’t really work like that.

Smarter way of studying is very much preferred. Here’s some of the tips you should do in order to attain smart studying.

  1. Study several subjects (3 to 4 subjects) per day. Instead of just focusing on one subject per day, study at least 3 to 4 subjects per day. This is proven effective than to just spend the entire day studying one.
  1. Read your notes frequently– Some students like to cram especially on the exam day. Studying smart involves constant reviewing of notes as it improves your long term memory.
  1. If possible, sit in front of the class– Sitting in front of the class makes you focus on what the teacher is saying. Unlike sitting at the middle or at the back, you don’t have the tendencies of talking to your seat mate or using your phone. By this, you can hear more and absorb more of the things your teaching is saying.
  1. Make codes out of your notes- And no, not the technical “codes”. Summarizing notes to topics and subtopics are very much effective. If it’s enumeration, you can always create codes based on the first letter of the topic. By this, you can easily track which one you didn’t get and remember the exact word topics.
  1. Write your notes on a paper notebook . Digital notebooks have been used by so many students these days. Although, writing notes using your hand can improve your brain absorption memory. Studies show writing notes on a paper notebook is much more effective that just typing it to your laptop.
  1. Don’t be shy, ask clarifications– If you don’t get what your teacher is teaching, always ask clarifications. By this, you don’t have any confusions at the end of the class.
  1. Quick recap test– In order for you to review better, get someone to ask you questions about what you’ve studied. It maybe in the form of a verbal Q&A or in flashcards.
  1. Don’t play music when studying– Although some students like music when studying, studies show that smart studying involves silence. Once you turn on your music jam, you tend to give some attention to the music as well as it’s lyrics. Hence, your focus will be divided. Don’t worry, there’s always time for some music jam.
  1. Stay hydrated– Dehydration is bad for your brain and when brain’s not gonna work, it will result to bad exam results too. Studies show that your brain’s overall mental prowess increases when you are more hydrated. Drink at least 9 glasses of water per day.
  1. Sleep is not for the weak – You’re not a vampire. Human students need ample amount of sleep for the brain to work. Studies show that if you get enough good sleep, you tend to get more focused and absorb the things that you’ve reviewed. Set an 8 hour sleep minimum every night.


The bottomline is in order for you to get good grades you need to take good care of your body. Sometimes, spending long hours studying doesn’t give you good results during and after exam. What you do to your physical body can always affect your mental being.

Always keep everything balanced.


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