Who doesn’t love coffee, I mean who doesn’t?


Studies have shown that almost 90% of people in the world drink coffee everyday and 50% of the given percentage goes to students from all levels. Hence, the boom of the coffee industry. There are so many reasons why people go to coffee shops. Whether you’re in a meeting, hanging out with friends or go on a date, you surely love to do these with a cup of coffee. Here are some of the things you should know about your coffee choice with regards to your study habit. The last one will change your lives *chuckles*


  1. Frappuccino– Frappuccino is a type of coffee you order whenever you’re with your friends or you’re on a date. Some of people call this as “Victoria Secret of Coffee” as they need to do a colorful photoshoot first before heading to a person’s stomach. Great angle, good light, colorful stuff…yeah “so VS”. Unfortunately darling, you’re not in the coffee shop to study, you’re there for your instagram.
  1. Iced CoffeeCoffee + ice combination is probably one of the most effective ways for you to stay up until early morning. Personally, I drink an Iced Coffee whenever I have the feeling of falling asleep in class or surviving a day. But being its nature of 20% sugar, palpitation tendencies may arise. So I suggest, you really catch some sleep.
  1. CappuccinoCappuccino is a type of coffee that you get 2-3 hours before your exam. Some people call this as the “cram or review-my-notes coffee”. With double espresso, hot milk, and steamed milk foam as composition you can surely assure this one’s the perfect taste as a pre-exam coffee.
  1. EspressoEspresso is one of the least ordered coffee by the students. Why? Glad you asked. Students don’t usually order one of the legit coffee at coffee shops. If you’ve ordered an espresso, you are totally serious about studying.
  1. EXpressoEXpresso is a type of coffee that doesn’t exist in real life but bugs your study life. Why? Again, glad you asked. This imaginary coffee has a unique flavor depending upon your personal experience in life. So if you have an unfinished business with this type of coffee, you better fix it. Sometimes, EXpresso can bother your study habits. Come on, studies first. Love will come.

Lets admit it, Coffee is one of the best inventions humans have ever invented. It has become our best friend, a witness of our ups and downs in life and of course our study buddy.

Stay caffeinated and study hard kids!