Cheating in exams or short quizzes are quite normal in today’s world. There are so many ways to cheat now. Whether on sms, writing words on the hand, creative tactics such us going to the bathroom, smartphones or even paying somebody to take the exam for you. Turns out, student these days develop this ability to innovate ways of so called “cheating techniques”. You all need to realize that cheating whether small or big, is still is cheating. As given human ourselves, we tend to have this kind of thought of whether to cheat or not to cheat depending upon the given scenario. And I’m here to solve that problem. I’ve listed below the things students should THINK OF for you NOT TO CHEAT:

  1. THINK OF Detention- Detention is what you can get when you get caught by your teacher looking at your classmates paper. This is just a simple disciplinary action made by your teachers to teach you a lesson to not do it again. Probably, a 2 to 3 hour community service or a week of seminar lead by a counselor.

2. THINK OF Expulsion- Expulsion is a your parent’s worst nightmare. This happens when a student made a huge cheating act that jeopardizes a school’s credibility or maybe a teacher or student’s morality. This can also be a sanction if you’ve been sent to detention multiple times. This is a really bad problem if you want to transfer to another schools as “expelled” will be forever in your school transcript.

3. THINK of BULLYING- If you got expelled due to tremendous act of cheating, this can be a reason for some students to make fun of you, or worse bully you. We have to admit that rumors that are proven true are very much happiness for the bullies.  Don’t let these bullies get hyped up because you gave them something to get hyped about. In other words, don’t even think of cheating in the first place.


4. THINK OF Your Parents – This must be a given knowledge for all students. Parents send you to school for you to learn, be good and gain foundation. In other words, they send you to school because they love you and they want you to be ready in the real life. So before you think of even cheating in school and getting into trouble, think of your parent’s effort and hard work.

5. THINK OF Failures as a normal thingAll successful people today have their own fair share of failures in life. And I’m talking about failures yielded from good efforts. Failures yielded from good efforts are way better than success yielded from cheat acts. Simple cheats can lead to big cheats and big cheats can eventually turn to bigger ones.

So the next time you take an exam and thinking of cheating on it, remember this 5 things. For you to avoid cheating, you need to really study hard before the exam.