Champion students are not just about getting straight A’s in class. It’s about how you handle student life in a well-balanced way. Here’s the top things you should practice to be a champion student!


  1. Productivity– If you want your day to be productive, you should plan everything the day before. There are tons of ways for you to do so. One is to list them on priority levels, “highest priority” being the most important ones. By this, you would be able to focus on which ones should be done first and done later. This is also a good practice once you get into the real world.
  2. Focus- You are in school to learn. Always focus on the things that make you learn and make you a productive student. Aside from reading textbooks (used by your professors), try to find supplemental books that are in line with the course. Don’t limit yourself with one textbook, read many.
  3. Set Goals– Setting goals is one of the most important  thing you should learn while in school. Whether for the day or by weekend, start to practice setting goals that you think can be accomplished by the amount of time you put into it.
  4. Sleep – This is the most deprived thing by students these days. Studies show that almost 90% of students sleep less than 6 hours a day. If you practice the 3 points mentioned above, trust me, you’ll get enough sleep. It’s always about time management.
    There you go, Champs! Make sure to practice these 4 points now! Seriously, now. Happy Studying, Zookalers!